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best mobile website development nj mobile web design agency new jerseyDo you know if your existing website is mobile-friendly? What about the websites of your competitors? Even though Google, Yahoo, and Bing have been partially ranking search engine results based on mobile-friendliness since April of 2015, the majority of websites today still have not successfully made the transition. At The New Vision Technology Group, we offer professional Mobile Website Development NJ services for the designing and building of new online properties or for updating existing websites with mobile technology.

Believe it or not, the smartphone and the digital tablet are taking over the Internet. Although the laptop and desktop computers are still located in nearly every commercial office space in the world, the portable digital device is now the most commonly used form of Internet-based communication. Unfortunately, the many features of a traditional website usually do not display clearly on the tiny screens of a handheld smartphone.

At The New Vision Technology Group, we deliver a professional Mobile Website Development framework across multiple platforms, whether your customers use an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Phone. Our team of designers and developers always cater to the diverse needs of your clients.

The New Vision Technology Group has a team of experienced and innovative web developers with expertise in Mobile Web Design regardless of your business’s requirements, goals, or objectives. We begin with an initial consultation and walk our clients through each step of the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction. To boost profitability, increase brand name reputation, and improve customer relationships, every company needs a mobile-friendly website. For more information on our Mobile Website Development Services, contact us today.

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