About New Vision Technology Group

it management for small businesses new jersey digital marketing agency technology consulting njNew Vision Technology Group has spent the past decade being a reliable technology partner for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our services are specifically geared towards this market, and the products we offer reflect this focus. Whether it’s dedicated e-mail for small businesses and schools to online storage and backup, we’re ready to provide you with the services and tools you need, without the headaches (and price tag) often associated with new and changing technology.
In fact, this changing technology is a large reason small businesses rely on us. In the business world, nothing is more inevitable than technology moving forward. What is new today is old tomorrow (and is completely obsolete next week.) Larger companies have the resources, budgets, and IT departments to handle these advances – smaller companies do not. Hence our niche.
This dedication is consistent with everything we do. And a good reason to choose New Vision Technology Group as a trusted technology partner.


Clients often ask us:
“As a small business how can I take advantage of the most cutting edge technology on a very tight budget?”
We provide a solid answer to that question. Since our inception more than a decade ago, New Vision Technology Group has been delivering comprehensive Managed Services to small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. We’ve grown rapidly by leveraging the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the “cloud” to make enterprise-class services affordable for businesses of all sizes.
The team at New Vision Technology Group has a long history of managing complex IT projects. We’ve serviced all major industries including education, automotive, manufacturing, financial and professional services. And we’re ready to provide that expertise to our favorite market – small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Managed IT services, consulting services & Digital marketing, to small businesses in New Jersey and Nationwide!