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mobile design nj mobile web designers new jerseyDoes your company website offer a Mobile Design option? Like it or not, the smartphone and the digital tablet are taking over the Internet. Although the laptop and desktop computers are still located in nearly every commercial office space in the world, the portable digital device is now the most commonly used form of Internet-based communication. In fact, even Google and the other major search engines now assign page rankings based partially on the mobile-friendliness of a company or personal website.

What is a Mobile Design?

Simply put, the Mobile Design of a website allows the related information to display more easily and clearly on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. It also takes into account such features as the size and placement of interactive buttons for making purchases or scrolling through the website menu. Smaller images consisting of fewer pixels to provide fast upload speeds are another consideration, simply because our handheld devices are often managed by the less powerful browsers. In the world of Internet Marketing, it is all about “instant gratification”. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then customers are more likely to click to a competitor’s website instead.

Key Benefits of Professional Mobile Design in New Jersey

    • Mobile websites open the door for mobile app development, the wave of the future. Many are speculating that the app, the tablet, and the iPhone are all but taking over the world, leaving the desktop computer in the dust! Without professional Mobile Design, your possibilities for future growth and increased revenues may be severely hampered in the very near future.
    • A well designed mobile website increases your brand name recognition and online reputation. It also shows that you are concerned about the easy location of your website by your potential customers. You are considered “hip” and “in-the-know” if you have a mobile website while also increasing consumer confidence in your enterprise.
    • In this day and age of people working from home and corporate executives frequently traveling without the use of a laptop computer, a properly functioning mobile website is a standard daily requirement for millions of consumers. A mobile website saves your customers valuable surfing time and enhances their flexibility.

The New Vision Technology Group has a team of experienced and innovative web developers with expertise in Mobile Design. We begin with an initial consultation and walk our clients through each step of the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction. To boost profitability, increase brand name reputation, and improve customer relations, every company needs a mobile-friendly website. For more information on our Services, contact us today.

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