PPC Marketing & Management, New Jersey

ppc marketing agency new jersey pay per click management services njTraditional methods of advertising involve an up-front fee to allow your ad to be seen by potential consumers, but there is no guaranteed formula for determining how many customers will actually view your marketing campaign. One solution is PPC Marketing.

At The New Vision Technology Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to improve any PPC campaign while delivering a significantly higher return on your investment. Since the cost-efficiency of Pay-per-click services in NJ, depend largely on choosing the best keywords based on your financial budget, many organizations have difficulty in making these final selections. You can choose fewer quantities of keywords that have higher rankings and cost a bit more, or you can choose lots of lower ranking keywords that increase your chances for attracting more traffic across a wider range of customer demographics.

Which is the better option? That depends on several factors, including the cost of your products and services. At The New Vision Technology Group, we begin with an initial consultation to define your marketing budget, goals, and objectives. We also help you determine which search engines will be the most profitable for your Pay-per-click Marketing strategies. After all, Google AdWords is not your only option. We run successful and profitable Pay-per-click campaigns on Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and nearly every other web browser and social media platform online.

Our New Jersey PPC Marketing Services include:

  • Creating and implementing Google Search Engine Marketing Campaigns based on specific client protocols, including location, device preference, network, and more.
  • Creating multiple ad groups by evaluating different company products and services.
  • Making effective use of campaign-level negative keywords.
  • Monitoring your pay-per-click performance by evaluating Google Analytics reports for campaign tracking, conversion tracking, traffic sources, and other objectives.
  • Offering suggestions and implementing improvements for landing page optimization for specific ad groups.
  • Setting up and modifying the maximum bid for ad groups.
  • Creating and implementing Google remarketing ad campaigns.
  • And so much more!

Pay-per-click Marketing is available on most search engines and social media platforms, making it a great way to pay-as-you-go for each view of your online marketing strategies. Your company will simply pay a small fee whenever someone actually clicks on your link. The search engine has to ensure that your link is seen by potential consumers in your target audience, or they don’t make any money. It’s a win-win for both parties. For more information on our PPC Marketing NJ Services, contact us today.