Does Your Website Pass the Test?

Greetings! This month, we want to focus on something that matters to your business just as much as your product and service offerings. You’ve probably heard the old saying that presentation is everything. While we certainly don’t discount the quality of the products or services you provide, your presentation is undoubtedly what drives people to your business so they can discover the outstanding goods you offer. But what exactly does that translate to in 2017?

Much of the buzz tends to revolve around social media. And while sites like Facebook or Instagram can help boost your brand visibility, it’s your website that typically makes the very first impression. In fact, a whopping 62% of web users regularly visit branded websites, versus just 22% of the people scoping you out via social media. This means that regardless of the type of business you own or client you serve, your website is essentially your storefront.

And just like a shabby awning, inadequate signage, and unwelcoming service reps wouldn’t get you very far in the past, it’s your website that’s under scrutiny in today’s digital era. Given the fact there’s just so much competition available at the click of a finger, coupled with the limited attention spans that are accustomed to being entertained and informed on demand, there’s just no way around it: outdated information, lackluster design, or broken links are a surefire way to make a poor first impression. Ouch.

But wait. There’s far more to sprucing up your online presence than an attractive website. While it’s a great—and highly recommended—starting point, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve encountered a great-looking website from a desktop point-of-view, only to discover that it completely bombs on mobile devices. Remember that 80% of Internet users own a smartphone, and purchases via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones now trump practically every other method combined.

Moreover, Google reports that over 60% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile website they had difficulty interfacing with, and approximately 40% of users will simply move on to a competitor’s page (Source: McKinsey & Company). Therefore, as you consider redesigning your website so that it’s clean and inviting, it’s imperative that it looks equally great on a smartphone or tablet screen…and that’s something that typically falls between the cracks with the majority of the design-it-yourself website services. A mobile-responsive website should be at the top of your priority list as you rethink your website presentation.

That’s something we take very seriously at New Vision Technology Group as we design or refurbish your website. Our responsive web design not only adapts to any device your prospect may be using (including TVs), but it’s also remarkably cost efficient in the long run.

As you anticipate your clients’ needs and desires when it comes to web browsing, don’t forget that your website requires the right recipe of content and SEO so people can find you in the first place. We get it. Managing blogs, products, images, and the other content tools you upload to your website isn’t always user friendly—particularly if you use a WordPress platform. While WordPress is one of the most all-inclusive, integrated website platforms, something as simple as updating your homepage slider or adding a new event to your calendar plug-in can seem as baffling as solving a Rubik’s Cube.

In addition to redesigning your outdated website in a way that won’t compromise your current content, we can connect you with the best content management system (CSM) platform for your business—even if it means designing one for you—so you and your team can effortlessly keep your website looking fresh and inviting. Simultaneously , we’ll also enhance your search engine optimization so you can drive even more traffic to your website—and track it too!

If you’ve been putting off “dealing” with your website, but you know it’s lacking in some way, now is the time to get in touch! Contact us or call us at 1-800-401-8054. We’ll schedule an initial consultation that’s sure to address all of your concerns and give you a mobile-responsive “face lift” that’s as easy to operate from behind the scenes as it is for your visitors.

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