Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Support NJ

anti-virus anti-spam support nj  IT security  services new jerseyThere are many peculiar behaviors that can begin to take place on our company computers, laptops, or digital devices that often act as indicators and warnings signs of the need for an Anti-Virus Anti-Spam solution. Some of the most common red flags include getting an increased amount of spam or suspicious email, a gradual decline in network performance, or perhaps a consistent redirecting of the Internet browser to some strange website.

Another common warning sign is the inability to operate certain applications. For example, you might click on the icon, and your mouse aperture starts to rotate, indicating that your system is “thinking.” But the laptop or smartphone takes a very long time to initiate the program. Or worse yet, it never starts the application at all. Today’s companies live and die by the mobile app. For organizations in search of maximum email security and virus protection, The New Vision Technology Group can help.

Key Benefits of Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Services in New Jersey:

  • Employees receive warnings of possibly corrupted file attachments.
  • Take advantage of secure email encryption with the same technologies used by banks and healthcare providers
  • Eliminate possible network contamination of viruses, malware, and ransomware transmitted through email correspondences.
  • Protect your systems against trojans, worms, rootkits, and Keylogger hacking.
  • Block spam email up to 100% with a user-configurable response system with advanced spam filtering options.
  • Services are compatible with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Entourage, or nearly any other email platform.
  • Avoid the appearance of pop-ups and other advertisements when accessing email through a web browser.
  • Prevent data security breaches and identity theft.
  • And so much more!

Viruses, worms, and malware can sneak into an IT infrastructure by way of a simple email attachment. Since employees are now using their mobile devices for both personal and professional correspondences, the chances of these viral infestations are only increasing as a result. Unfortunately, the standard options of anti-virus protection that come pre-installed on our electronic devices are simply not powerful enough to compete with today’s cyber criminals. At The New Vision Technology Group, we offer the full range of Anti-Virus Anti-Spam NJ services to protect your organization against nearly any kind of unwanted intrusion. For more information, contact us today.

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