Managed Data Backup & Restoration, NJ

managed data backup nj cloud backup restoration company new jerseyFor companies in need of Managed Data Backup and Restoration Services, The New Vision Technology Group offers a variety of cloud-based and on-site options to fit your storage and retention needs. Our goal is to protect mission-critical data securely and cost-effectively while relieving your in-house IT department of these more routine administrative tasks.

As organizations continue to adapt to a global marketplace, many are demanding a business continuity strategy that adapts to new technological advancements more quickly. As a result, cloud-based Disaster Recovery is now one of the leading backup, archiving, and restoration solutions among the most innovative companies.

By storing your data in “the cloud,” recovery can take place within minutes and from nearly any geographic location. But not all backup protocols require cloud-based solutions. At The New Vision Technology Group, we offer the full range of options to customize a Managed Data Backup and Recovery Plan to fit your unique business requirements.

Key Benefits of Managed Data Backup in New Jersey:

  • Benefit from a customized solution using a combination of data duplication, tape backup, disk backup, and cloud-based platforms.
  • Replicate data in multiple locations within the cloud.
  • Replicated virtual machines can be used to access the recovery data from any global location.
  • Data in transit and data stored at rest are both fully encrypted while also being free from vendor access.
  • Reduce costs associated with on-site hardware, administrative overhead, and other expenses.
  • Streamline archiving processes while lowering costs and reducing instances of human error.
  • Quick and easy restoration protocols allow organizations to benefit from more frequent testing of Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Because cloud-based backup and recovery rely on a single data source, organizations eliminate the possibility of redundancies.
  • Cloud-based solutions are more cost-effective while also being easily scalable to grow and expand along with your storage and organizational demands.
  • Transitioning to a cloud-based Disaster Recovery solutions does not require a huge financial investment for special hardware or the hiring of new IT staff.
  • With failover and failback capabilities, cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for a secondary disaster recovery site located off-property.

Traditional backup solutions can force some organizations to make tradeoffs regarding the data that they can afford to protect versus the data that they should protect. For reliable, secure, and cost-effective services in Managed Data Backup, Archiving, and Restoration, our team of dedicated IT specialists works with each of our customers every step of the way. We begin with an initial consultation to determine your unique goals and objectives, and then we customize the perfect solution using a combination of data duplication, tape backup, disk backup, and cloud-based platforms. For more information on our Managed Data Backup NJ Services, contact us today.

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