Managed Dedicated Server Hosting NJ

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting NJ cheap hosting in new jerseyManaged Dedicated Server Hosting from The New Vision Technology Group is the perfect solution for companies with high-performance workloads. If you have mission-critical applications that require high availability, maximum security, and the optimum control of a dedicated hosting infrastructure, then we have a variety of packages available to meet your business needs. We will design a hosting package with the perfect number of processor cores and memory to deliver the raw compute power you need to support the most demanding applications and system requirements.

With our team of dedicated IT professionals, you will never have to worry about slow upload speeds again. With a commitment to proactively manage the performance and utilization statistics of your dedicated infrastructure, we offer consistent guidance and support to optimize platform performance as your business continues to grow and expand. Our Managed Dedicated Server Hosting NJ Services are easily scalable, providing your organization the highest levels of flexibility, agility, and reliability.

Our Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Services in New Jersey include:

  • Advanced Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Advanced Static and Synthetic URL Monitoring
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Application Support Engineering
  • A Selection of Dedicated Servers to fit the needs of your business
  • Dedicated VMWare environments managed by VMware specialists
  • Database Administration to increase company productivity and efficiency.
  • Dedicated SAN, NAS, and DAS solutions to fit the needs of your business
  • Load Balancing Solutions
  • Advanced Firewall Protection software and hardware for maximum security
  • Backup and Recovery Processes for both email and the entire website
  • Creation and management of password protect directories
  • Monitoring and evaluation of server usage statistics
  • 24/7 technical support
  • And so much more!

Regardless of your company’s Operating System, The New Vision Technology Group has a team of experts who will design a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting package to fit the precise needs and demands of your business. With a dedicated focus on providing the highest levels of system security, speed, and efficiency, we help businesses maintain a reliable online presence so that you can focus on what you do best. For more information on our Services, contact us today.

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