VMware Server Virtualization

VMware Server Virtualization virtual server new jerseyAn efficient data center based on VMware Server Virtualization boosts efficiency, optimizes IT investments, and provides a significant advantage over the competition. By virtualizing the management and retention of company data, businesses can eliminate numerous data silos and point tools deployed for PCI compliance issues, disaster recovery, business continuity, backup and restoration, data analytics, other functions. In exchange, they enjoy a single, SLA-driven, virtualized solution.

At The New Vision Technology Group, we work with each client every step of the way. We begin with an initial consultation to identify the unique requirements of your business. We then progress towards a fully virtualized, software-defined data center architecture with a dedicated focus on networking, storage, and security. Through vSphere technology, we can consolidate servers, optimize network capacities, enhance availability, and improve system performance. We can even install, configure, and manage the VMware to allow your organization to run virtual machines with different Operating Systems from a single server.

Key Benefits of VMware Server Virtualization Services

  • Eliminate the need for a development-server and a QA-server.
  • Integrate VMs with different Operating Systems onto a single server.
  • Enjoy faster server provisioning.
  • Enjoy instantaneous backup and recovery.
  • Isolate applications for testing or development.
  • Transition to a virtualized Disaster Recovery Plan that is faster, more user-friendly, and cost-efficient.
  • Take advantage of data deduplication across primary, backup, archival, and Disaster Recovery storage.
  • Automate traditionally labor-intensive tasks involving data management.
  • Automate IT tasks, including configuration and provisioning.
  • Automate IT processes, including regulatory compliance and change management.
  • Reduce energy and operational costs for your IT infrastructure.
  • Reduce your data footprint.
  • Reduce ties to hardware vendors.
  • Improve business continuity, employee morale, and customer service.
  • And so much more!

Innovative and forward-thinking companies across multiple business sectors are taking advantage of VMware Server Virtualization, especially as we grow increasingly dependent on software applications. With a virtualized environment, companies can install, test, configure, and develop new applications quickly and safely without jeopardizing the entire infrastructure. With a dedicated focus on providing the highest levels of system security, speed, and efficiency, The New Vision Technology Group helps businesses maintain a reliable online presence so that you can focus on what you do best. For more information on our VMware Server Virtualization Services, contact us today.

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