With a remote work environment now the rule rather than the exception for many organizations, keeping employees, clients, and vendors connected is more critical than ever.

Reliable, cloud-based video conferencing software empowers your team members and stakeholders to communicate and collaborate face-to-face regardless of the physical distance between them. As a telecommunications agent, New Vision Technology Group partners with the foremost leaders in video conferencing and online meeting services to bring you the most affordable, versatile, and secure technology.

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Our Video Conferencing Solution Partners

No matter where your employees, customers, and vendors are or what devices they prefer to use for communicating, our partners have virtual meeting solutions to bring them together. All offer a full range of standard features and enhanced capabilities—and security measures to ensure your conversations and data stay safe.

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Contact us to learn more about the online meeting solutions we provide. We’re here to assess your company’s needs and align you with the video conferencing services and collaboration capabilities that will empower your team and advance your business.

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