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VoIP PBX small business phone systems nj Every company needs reliable and feature-rich Phone Systems, but relying on local telephone companies can have negative impacts on business continuity, productivity, and customer service. Voice clarity and consistency can fluctuate dramatically with landlines, especially now that many companies have a more global customer base. Traditional landlines also tend to result in massive phone bills filled with long-distance charges, money that could be useful in any number of other creative ways. The New Vision Technology Group offers a variety of different telecommunications packages designed to fit the needs of your company, including Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems and On-premises PBX Systems in New Jersey.

  • Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems

Many companies are transitioning to Cloud-based VoIP for its voice clarity and cost-efficiency. Because all VoIP telecommunications take place over the web instead of a landline, all voice and video communications always have the same level of crystal clear quality, regardless of your geographic location. Cloud-based VoIP also means that the phone systems can be accessed from any location with Internet connectivity. So, for employees working from home or on the road, even if they happen to be in another state or country, they can still access the company system. VoIP is also easily scalable and has a very low upfront cost. You only pay for the number of seats that you need.

  • On-premises PBX Phone Systems

For larger organizations of perhaps 50 employees or more, On-premises PBX Phone Systems may be the most cost-effective solution in the long term. With a PBX system, you keep all of the required hardware on-premises, usually in your company server room. This saves you money in monthly service charges for each separate seat of a VoIP system, which can quickly add up for larger companies. The primary difference between PBX systems and cloud-based VoIP is that all configuration and maintenance of the PBX options takes place on-site. If you have an in-house CTO, then he or she can manage this process after the initial setup and configuration performed by The New Vision Technology Group. Otherwise, we can manage your PBX Phone Systems virtually through our Virtual CTO Services Packages.

Both options provide all of the standard features of your local landline service but with vastly improved clarity and continuity. You still get the standard features of conference calls, three-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, call transfers, caller ID, and more. At The New Vision Technology Group, we help companies choose the best possible phone service that fits your business needs and budgetary constraints. For more information on our variety of Business Phone Systems NJ packages, contact us today.

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