Business Continuity Planning NJ

business continuity planning data recovery nj cloud services new jerseyAs organizations continue to adapt to a global marketplace, many are demanding Business Continuity Planning that adjust to these new technological advancements more quickly and easily. As a result, cloud-based Disaster Recovery is now one of the leading backup, archiving, and restoration solutions among the most innovative companies. By storing your data in “the cloud,” recovery can take place within minutes instead of days and from nearly any geographic location.

Meanwhile, companies can save an enormous amount of money by eliminating the administrative overhead and expensive hardware of a secondary off-site Disaster Recovery location. The term “disaster” has changed significantly in recent years. Instead of Business Continuity Planning focusing on hurricanes and tornados, service disruptions are the greater cause of concern. Disruptions in the company infrastructure can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue per day, severely impact customer relations, and destroy your company’s brand name reputation. At The New Vision Technology Group, we help organizations transition their Disaster Recovery Plans to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively.

Key Benefits of our New Jersey Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery include:

  • Transitioning to a cloud-based Disaster Recovery solutions does not require a huge financial investment for special hardware or the hiring of new IT staff.
  • Cloud-based Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery nearly eliminate related downtime.
  • With failover and failback capabilities, cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for a secondary disaster recovery site located off-property.
  • Reduce costs associated with on-site hardware, administrative overhead, downtime, and other expenses.
  • Because cloud-based backup and recovery rely on a single data source, organizations eliminate the possibility of redundancies.
  • Streamline archiving processes while lowering costs and reducing instances of human error.
  • Data in transit and data stored at rest are both fully encrypted while also being free from vendor access.
  • Cloud-based backup and restoration solutions result in an implementation process that is offer faster, more reliability, and less expensive compared to traditional options with multi-locational infrastructure.
  • And so much more!

Service disruptions can make or break a company. Because a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake is far more unlikely than your power going out or a server failure, companies today require Business Continuity Planning that reflects these more critical challenges. At The New Vision Technology Group, we evaluate, create, implement, and test new or existing Disaster Recovery Plans. Our goal is to cost-effectively protect your company from future service disruptions with the least possible response time. For more information on our Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Services, contact us today.