Network & System Audit NJ

business network and system audit services njFor many businesses, the idea of auditing anything rarely sounds like fun. While most organizations are well aware of the importance of regularly scheduled network security audits, IT administrators still struggle with completing them. The reason for this is simple. Most IT administrators lack an extensive background in network systems and security issues. So, while they would very much like to complete a detailed audit, they simply don’t have the knowledge or expertise. Or if they happen to have the background and experience, they very often lack the time and resources.

But the IT administrators are not entirely to blame. After all, most company CEOs have no idea how the company network operates either. The New Vision Technology Group specializes in Network and System Audit Services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether your organization utilizes a simple network with a single Operating System or a cross-platform infrastructure, we offer a meticulous evaluation and discovery process to identify and resolve system challenges and security risks.

If a virus attacked your IT infrastructure and exploited SSH v1.3.3, would you know which servers are affected? Would you be able to tell if a new wireless access point magically appeared on the company LAN? Do you know which network services are running on each of your company servers? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to give The New Vision Technology Group a call. For more information on our Network and System Audit Services, contact us today.

Business Network Audit Services, New Jersey